Our Story


In the quest of prevailing fashion it is not always an indelible dream to journey with, however it is all about taking the right course of action. Eventually every style, every design, every pattern and every motif will create a vogue in the fashion industry. Fashion is always changing, slightly elusive, extremely alluring and it is inevitably periodic, what makes it unique is keeping one updated, stay educated and being responsive. Sting is one such fashion brand which mix and match to keep in tune to create a buzz in the world of fashion.



In the year 2002, a Clothing brand was created to inject dynamism into the dreary world of men’s wear and the brand was given an apt name STING, the brain child of Blaze Clothing (India) Pvt Ltd having its base in Chennai. The 14 year old Successful Brand has mellowed into a cool Metro sexual brand available in all major cities having its own Fashion outlet stores and on Major Multi brand outlet stores across the country, Sting has its own repute among its customers, who made it grow as an international Brand.



Sting unveils the most happening design, season after season, thanks to the efforts of the sting Designer studio, a hungry team of smart minds handpicked from the industries best . The team spends a lot of time researching, planning, predicting and creating collections that are original, pioneering and stunning. They also get to do market survey every now and then in order to keep updated on international trends and designs. In addition to it sting has the best of industry experts from all verticals performing various tasks at a given time, we have a dedicated team to take care of information technology, operations, logistics, customer reputation management, and quality assurance.



All products are conceived in our design studio by our Creative designers from reputed fashion institutes, designs are produced after a strong research based on international trends. Sting has a delightful collection of semi formal and casuals. The current range includes chinos, khakis, corduroys, denims, checks, prints, cotton linen blends, slim fit shirts, wrinkle-frees, T-shirt club wear and many more exciting creations. Recently we have introduced a new range of premium sneakers which was inspired from the top notch sneaker brands and we designed it after a plenty of Research & Development.




Every cut, stitch and fit is monitored by our own efficient teams of our respective departments. The extended supply chains in the textile industry require a high degree of responsibility on the part of all market participants, in order to guarantee decent, safe and fair working conditions at our factories and Warehouse. Here at Sting we make sure a standard protocol is maintained through the entire production process and internal quality audits are performed periodically at regular instance. We have right amount of resources to act as a bridging tool to help our end product reach out our distribution channels, warehouse, Outlet stores, EBO and MBO. A dedicated procurement and marketing team is deployed in order to handle the order flow cycle across Warehouse and stores.



The overall strategy for each brand is tailored individually to the associated target group and addresses this directly. Ours begin in the design with the selection of the products, styles and colors up to the presentation of the goods at the point of sale, resulting in a high recognition factor for customers of the products and their quality. The age of the relevant target group plays a key role in the creation of the designs, especially as regards the fit, fashionable design and pricing, which contribute significantly to the branding. Multi brand outlet is one key strategy for our increased sales which ultimately results in branding, we do deal with top most Multi brand outlet stores available within the country. By tapping into this medium our brand can be reached to customers where our outlet stores are not present.Growth through internationalization is a predominant factor for our increased vicinity, moreover the brand believed on it from its inception and continuously shaped our self to get us out there. Apparently, we tapped into the middle east market by joining hands with our industry partners who are based out of Dubai.