Environmental Responsiility

Environmental Responsibility

As a Fashion brand, we take responsibility very seriously, which is why environmental and social responsibility is a core component of our business policy. Since the inception we have used organic cotton which supports transition from conventional resources that has helped us go green.This initiative from the Brand was to make sure wastage and sewage drain getting out of our factories are kept under control and we are zero tolerant towards it. Organic cotton plays a key role in our quality policy which delivers economical and environmental benefits eventually adding value to the product.

Since the completion of the pilot phase in 2012,Sting has held climate protection seminars at its suppliers across the country. Numerous Group suppliers are currently involved in the climate project After ascertaining the status quo, climate and environmental targets are to be set for each individual supplier in a road map, taking into account their respective starting situations, and measures are to be adopted and implemented.

As a brand, we undergo quite a audit techniques to emphasis recyclable and go green factor.Right from the Brand Label, Price tags and wash care details are made sure to fit into the Eco-friendly category. Fabric treatments are done at a proper proportion with reference to respective garments and a variety of organic wash treatments like Bio-wash, softener wash and golf ball wash.